What procedure should be followed to regulate the unpaid contributions by installment payments?

The possibility of regularization by installment is an exceptional procedure which requires a letter addressed to the General Manager of the CNaPS. The application must be accompanied by a statement of the reasons that led this mode of payment and the proposed payment schedule.

How many workers are managed by the CNaPS?

All workers governed by the Labor Code must be managed by the CNaPS, but they must first join. Currently, they are about 520.000.

I would like to know if we have, in our legislation, provisions governing the prevention of occupational risks, including for instance employer?s obligations on this matter. Of course, I'm looking for additional provisions to those already included in the Labor Code and the health and safety Executive.

References of texts of the different legislative and regulatory provisions with regard to the work accidents prevention and occupational diseases are orders Numbers 889 to 905 20 May 1960 fixing the General and specific measures for occupational health and safety, according to the sectors of activity. It also can be noted deliberation n ° 58-66/AR on 14 May 1958 on explosive substances, order 2117-IGT n ° 24 September 1956 on X-ray, These texts are available on the official journal and the booklet "GENERALE RULES ON LABOR IN MADAGASCAR ? SOCIAL SECURITY" edition of the National Printing 1967, part 3.

Why some employees, who already get a notice of employment, do not receive their membership card?

The membership card is unique throughout the professional life. If after having been hired, employees do not get membership cards, it is because they are already affiliated. In case of loss, you can request a duplicate to the CNaPS.

If an official is made available to other non-public institution: he remains an official and earns a salary as such but he gets another salary in another private wages. In this case should he join the CNaPS or the CRCM or both?

If he is an official, he is therefore already affiliated with the CRCM. Hiring in a private establishment must be followed by an affiliation to the CNaPS if the employee is not yet, and the employer must pay monthly contributions corresponding to the salary received by the employee

How can we know that the contributions are well paid within the CNaPS deadlines?

Through the individual account of the workers (IAW) which reports declared wages and contributions paid by your employer in a given year. The CNaPS annually sends these IAW to affiliated workers, but you can also make the request from the CNaPS Office.

Is there a fare or a scale for the statement of benefits in kind? For example employee housed, fed? Should these elements be part of the gross salary?

Modalities for the calculation of income tax are set by the Finances Act and not by the CNaPS nor the Social Security Code. For your information, please visit the website: http://www.impots.mg